Radically simple subscriptions

We've built the most flexible billing platform for B2B SaaS businesses. Start today without a single line of code.

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No code

Experiment different pricing strategies without a single line of code. Hyperline is built to be maintenance-free for your engineering team, so they can focus on what matters.


Whether you're using Stripe, GoCardless, Salesforce or any other finance software on the market, we've got you covered. Adding a new payment provider is just a click on a button.

Usage-based friendly

Your pricing is usage-based? We've got you covered. Our API handles all your events, computes your customers' billing accurately and allows you to simulate changes impact based on historical data.

Made for B2B SaaS businesses

SaaS billing is complex. Customisation, usage-based fees, managing several countries can all be really painful with existing solutions. We've spent a lot of time tailoring an experience that makes it really easy for B2B SaaS companies to manage it.

No code pricing iterations

Manage different pricing scenarios in parallel, including when it's usage-based. We've tailored the interface for the needs of B2B SaaS to make it intuitive for your revenue team. And fast. Really fast.

Customer portal

Let us take care of your customers invoices, billing information and payment methods using our hosted portal. Your customers get to access everything in one-click and see how much they'll pay.

Smart simulations

Configure different pricing strategies and measure their impact using our simulator. It's especially powerful with usage-based models, because we're storing your data, we can compute the impact of changes in real-time.