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Cover of Hyperline's customer story: Praiz

How Praiz uses Hyperline to manage billing without a single line of code

Praiz had painful experiences integrating billing solutions such as Stripe Billing and Chargebee, requiring support from their tech team. This prompted the need for a new solution that could streamline and simplify the entire process.


Painful billing process and lack of flexibility from existing subscription management tools on the market.


Hyperline stands out as the simple, quick billing solution, no tech team needed.

Pricing model

Praiz offers a simple pricing model: €30 per user per month for annual subscribers and €40 for month-to-month users.


Effortless integration and billing management by non-tech team.

How Praiz uses Hyperline to manage billing without a single line of code

A conversation with Arthur André, Co-founder and CEO

Praiz’s story

The rise of remote work has amplified the demand for video communication, resulting in a substantial increase in the volume of information exchanged during calls. It became evident that there was a significant gap in the market for an affordable solution tailored to startups and smaller sales teams.

Praiz, a sales coaching platform, has emerged as a pioneering force in this space. The Praiz team has been developing a tool designed to record calls and pinpoint coaching opportunities, thereby assisting sales teams in their journey towards growth and more successful deal closures.

Since its launch in 2021, Praiz has been on a mission to assist sales teams in improving their processes and saving time. It simplifies the task of writing commercial meeting summaries, making life easier for sales professionals. Praiz's goal is to deliver a user-friendly and cost-effective SaaS solution, standing out in the competitive market.

Simple pricing but complex billing

Since Praiz was launched, Arthur, co-founder and CEO, was the one leading the pricing strategy. His vision was clear: simplicity. Today, Praiz offers a very simple pricing model, featuring a single plan priced at €30 per user per month for those who commit to an annual subscription, and €40 for those who prefer a month-to-month arrangement.

Simple pricing should translate to straightforward billing, right? Well, not according to Arthur's previous experiences with billing tools.

Home made solution was not an option

Before launching Praiz, Arthur was one of the early-employees at Aircall, leading Customer Onboarding. During this previous venture, he got a glimpse (from afar this time) of the billing headaches. Aircall had chosen not to use an external billing solution, opting to build their own in-house. This turned out to be a painful and time-consuming ordeal for the team, considering it was far from their core business. Arthur decided not to make the same mistake and prioritized billing automation right from the start of his new venture:

"We knew we needed to automate billing and payment collection from day one."

First try: Stripe Billing

The Praiz team initially chose Stripe for payments and billing. However, the experience didn't go as smoothly as expected.

Arthur found the integration process to be excessively time-consuming, especially for their tech teams already occupied with other responsibilities. "We had a very simple use case, yet it took us several days!". The cost was too high, eating into their profit margins: "By the time I had my third customer, it was already costing me too much". Beyond the high costs, Arthur also lamented the lack of transparency in Stripe's pricing:

"With the various product components - Stripe Payment, Billing, and Tax - I didn't know how much we were giving to Stripe each month. We were taken by surprise. One day, I did the math and realized it was more than 2% of our monthly revenue. An absurdity."

Praiz team was convinced that the challenges outweighed the benefits: grappling with the tool's complexity, configuring subscriptions correctly, encountering errors in initial invoices, and missing features in subscription management.

Second try: Chargebee

Seeking a better solution, Praiz turned to one of the leading solutions on the market: Chargebee. However, right from the start, the experience was disappointing. The tool was even more complex and seemed to be mainly for larger companies, which didn't match Praiz's current stage of development. Praiz encountered the same main issues identified with Stripe billing: very high costs and time-consuming integration (even longer for Chargebee).

"At Praiz, we want our CTO and the tech team to focus on our solution's development, not get overloaded with billing problems. Stripe billing and Chargebee were too complicated, time-consuming, and expensive for our needs."

The Hyperline moment

Frustrated by these unsuccessful attempts, Arthur was looking for a solution that would radically simplify billing management at Praiz. His introduction to Hyperline came at just the right time when he stumbled upon a message in on a Slack Community for business operators.

In February 2023, Arthur engaged in conversations with Lucas. After a series of brief exchanges and a sneak peek at a demo, Praiz embraced the Hyperline experience, becoming one of our early beta testers. This choice was guided by their confidence in the product vision and the urge to bring a new and exciting experience to this market.

How Praiz uses Hyperline

Praiz now fully relies on Hyperline as their all-in-one billing platform to charge over 100 sales teams. With Hyperline's user-friendly no-code interface, they handle billing, manage subscriptions, send invoices, and adjust pricing effortlessly.

Fastest and easiest billing integration

Switching from Stripe Billing to Hyperline was a smooth journey for Praiz, thanks to the dedicated support from the team. As Arthur said, "the transition was remarkably easy, and the entire process was reassuring".

Within a matter of hours, he effortlessly configured his pricing model and started to bill his customers, making the process straightforward and hassle-free.

Non-tech friendly subscription management

Hyperline has provided Praiz with a non-tech-friendly interface, enabling them to easily manage subscriptions. This user-friendly approach empowers team members without technical backgrounds, allowing them to handle billing independently. Arthur, Praiz's founder with an Ops background, now manages billing autonomously.

Simplified custom pricing

Hyperline simplifies custom pricing for Praiz. They can adjust pricing with a single click, making it incredibly flexible and responsive to market changes. This simplicity encourages Praiz to experiment and iterate on their pricing strategies, a capability they find invaluable. Arthur excitedly shares, "We are currently testing a second plan. We realized it's so easy to do with Hyperline that we didn't want to miss out on exploring new possibilities!"

Enhancing the user experience

Using Hyperline, Praiz has taken significant strides in enhancing their end-users experience. They now generate invoices that not only meet legal requirements but also reflect their brand identity, leaving a polished and professional impression on customers at checkout.

Hyperline's hosted pages, including a customer portal and checkout page, enable Praiz to provide a seamless experience to their end-users with just a single click. "We are currently integrating all these components into the product, and we can't wait to see the results!"

To conclude

In just six months, Hyperline transformed the way Praiz does business. Billing, once a headache, is now a breeze. With simplified pricing and effortless integration, Arthur and his team have more time for what truly matters: helping sales teams thrive.

“Thanks to Hyperline, no one talks about billing hassles anymore, and that’s the best result!”